Date Night In Box: November 2019

I received the November Date Night In Box to review for A Year of Boxes. This review also appears on A Year of Boxes website.

Date Night In Box is a custom created, memorable date night subscription experience to be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. Keep the romance alive in your relationship by hosting a date night at home. This is a subscription you’ll have to experience for yourself! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for Date Night In Box, you have two options:
Mystery Date: Month to Month ($41.99), 3 Months of Dates ($120.00), 6 Months of Dates ($239.00), 12 Months of Dates ($464.00)
Date Night In Box – Faith: Month to Month ($45.98), 3 Months of Dates($131.00), 6 Months of Dates ($262.00), 12 Months of Dates ($511.00)

Each date includes three or more activities, ambiance, music, a delicious snack, and more…

How It Works

Order Your Date – For just $41.99 (with free shipping), you’ll get a complete date night totally taken care of by us with several activities, ambiance, music, snacks, recommended dinner menu and more.
Customize It – If faith is an important pillar of your relationship, we are now offering the option to include a faith-based discussion guide as part of your experience.
Explore The Membership – A Date Night In membership goes WAY beyond the box! Dinner menus, members-only sales and exclusive access to a supportive private community of Date Night In Seekers.
Invest In Your Love! – Discover, enjoy and repeat! We promise you’ll love enjoying a Date Night In from the comfort of your own home while simultaneously strengthening your relationship!

Here’s a closer look at the November Date Night In Box…

November Theme – Gather Together

Set The Mood
For your date this evening, you will be making a meal together. Before you begin, we encourage you to consider your surroundings and set the mood for your date. In your Date Night In Box you will find items to set your table; feel free to add any other elements of your own to enhance your dining experience.

Subscribers received two vanilla + pumpkin tea light candles from Bare Candle Company, as well as dinner napkins. The candles smell incredible! Every month, there is a special Spotify playlist to play throughout the date to further set the mood.

Complimentary Dinner Menu

Delicious! This month’s dinner menu included cranberry and orange beverages (yay, cocktails!), pecan and caramel cookies, and buttermilk biscuits. I really appreciate the monthly recipes because I don’t really branch out when it comes to the food I cook. But, it makes it more fun when there are delicious recipes for me to use.

Table Talk

A relationship maintenance exercise is included in this month’s date guide to help couples talk about their strengths and weaknesses in their relationship. This tool can be used to offer encouragement to one another.


Subscribers also received a Corn Chowder Mix from Halladay’s Harvest Barn. The directions are very simple, and if you ask me, nothing beats a hot bowl of soup.

Recipes For Love

For this activity, couples are encouraged to create their own love recipe with ingredients that are unique to their relationship. For example, one cup of romance, 1 pinch of humor, and 3 tablespoons of trust. I love this exercise because it really helps a couple focus on each part of their relationship and learn what is most important to them as a couple. A cup of humor is a lot different from a pinch of humor, and that is something that is unique to every couple.

Word Slam
For your next activity, prepare to think on your fee with this fast-paced card game. As most good competitions begin, determine a wager for whoever loses the game. Maybe the loser does the dishes, has to give a back rub, or does laundry for the next week? It’s up to you!

I am always down for any type of interactive game, whether it’s a board game, a crossword puzzle, and anything in between.

Date Night In Box Review November 2019 – Final Thoughts

I love this month’s box theme. It is so important to go on dates with your partner, but the idea of gathering makes me think of spending good quality time with one another and making lasting memories. There’s just something about making time for your partner that is so special. I love what Date Night In Box brings to couples. I look forward to eating some delicious soup and inviting my hubby to a special date soon.

Kierra Pierre – Miss Reviews A Lot

Southern Scholar Socks: November Box 2019

I received the November Southern Scholar Socks box to review for A Year of Boxes. This review also appears on A Year of Boxes website.

If you’ve been looking for high quality dress socks that are both stylish and high quality, Southern Scholar Socks is the subscription box for you. Each month you’ll receive one pair of superior dress socks and a complimentary style card delivered right to your door. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for Southern Scholar Socks, you have three options:
Month to Month – $15 billed monthly
6 Month Prepay – $87 billed semi-anually
12 Month Prepay – $165 billed annually

How It Works

Select Your Subscription: Choose your membership level, sit back, and start building your collection of timeless luxury dress socks.
Your Socks Are Shipped: Your new dress socks are packaged with care and sent your way with complimentary shipping, returns, and exchanges.
Feel the Difference: Receive your awesome new dress socks alongside our Signature Style Card to ensure you always look your best.

With Southern Scholar Socks, quality is everything. Each pair of socks has 200 needle count knitting, the highest standard in hosiery. Their signature material blend has been researches and tested for over four years to provide an incredibly soft feel and better fit. Each pair of socks has custom-built ribbed cuffs of 2 inch Nylon and Spandex to ensure they stay in place and keep you comfortable throughout your entire workday.

Here’s a closer look at the November socks…

The Highlands
Our twist on the classic argyle. Navy, cranberry, and gray paired together for the perfect classic look. Try these with a textured navy trouser, brown woven dress shoes, and a blue textured dress shirt. Pair with a brown leather band watch and belt, grey herringbone jacket, and a cranberry pocket square to bring it all together. For an extra pop, go with a white pocket square instead and add a cranberry tie.

Southern Scholar Socks Review November 2019 – Final Thoughts

This month’s socks are so classic. These socks are they ideal pair of socks to fit any occasion, and exactly what I picture when I think about the finishing touches of a holiday outfit. I can see it now, even the matching cranberry sweater vest. This design is timeless, from the color pairings to the basic plaid detail. It would be hard to find a man that didn’t love these socks. These socks are the real deal. They are super high quality, stretchy, and comfortable to wear… and how cute is that Southern Scholar Socks logo!? Precious.

Kierra Pierre – Miss Reviews A Lot